RSPG Public consultation

As part of its on-going engagement with Stakeholders, the RSPG would like to invite interested stakeholders to two events in Budapest in December 2018.

* Monday 10th December from 1pm – RSPG Stakeholder Briefing – this is the latest in the RSPG’s stakeholder briefing sessions where we update stakeholders on the progress of our work.

* Tuesday 11th December, 9.30am – 1.00pm – RSPG Stakeholder Award Workshop – an opportunity for Stakeholders to share their experience of spectrum awards, from the ‘other side of the fence’, with us and to share their thoughts and views of 15+ years of auctions.

Stakeholders are invited to register their interest in attending by sending an email to and , letting us know whether you will attend one or both of these events, You will then be contacted in due course with further information regarding the proposed agenda.

47th RSPG Plenary Meeting – 03 October 2018

RSPG18-031 : RSPG #47 Agenda

RSPG18-032 : Comission activities related to spectrum policy

RSPG18-033 : Progress report of the  WG on EECC

RSPG18-034 : Progress Report of  WG on European Spectrum Strategy

RSPG18-035 : Progress report of WG on 5G

RSPG18-036 : Draft RSPG Opinion on 5G

RSPG18-037 : Progress report of the WG on WRC19 (+ Annex)

RSPG18-038 : RSPG Opinion on WRC19

RSPG18-040 : Progress Report of the WG on on cross-border coordination

RSPG18-041 : Results of the 6th RSPG Questionnaire – Good offices – 700 MHz band

RSPG18-042 : RSPG Report on the results of the offices for the 700MHz band

RSPG18-043 : Progress Report of the WG on Peer Review and MS cooperation

RSPG18-044 : List of documents for publication RSPG#47

RSPG18-045 : Chair’s report RSPG#47