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Here you can find information about award procedures taking place in the EU Member States.

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48th RSPG Plenary Meeting – 30 January 2019

RSPG19-001 : RSPG #48 Agenda

RSPG19-002 : Comission activities related to spectrum policy

RSPG19-003 : Progress report of the WG on European Electronic Communication Code

RSPG19-004 : RSPG Report on “impact of the EECC on the work of RSPG”

RSPG19-005 : Progress report of the WG on European Spectrum Strategy

RSPG18-006 : Progress report of the WG on 5G

RSPG18-007 : 3rd RSPG Opinion on 5G

RSPG18-008 : Progress report of the WG on WRC19

RSPG18-009 : RSPG Opinion on EU coordination at ITU-R Radiocommunication Conferences

RSPG18-010 : Progress Report of the WG on cross-border coordination

RSPG18-011 : Progress Report of the WG on Peer Review and MS cooperation

RSPG18-012 :  List of documents for publication RSPG #48

RSPG18-013 : Chair’s report RSPG#48

RSPG Public Workshops – December 2018

– Monday 10th December 2018 – RSPG Stakeholder Briefing – this is the latest in the RSPG’s stakeholder briefing sessions where the stakeholders are updated on the progress of the RSPG work – download slides.

– Tuesday 11th December 2018 – RSPG Stakeholder Award Workshop – an opportunity for stakeholders to share their experience of spectrum awards, from the ‘other side of the fence’, with RSPG and to share their thoughts and views of 15+ years of auctions.