Monthly Archives: November 2018

RSPG Public consultation

As part of its on-going engagement with Stakeholders, the RSPG would like to invite interested stakeholders to two events in Budapest in December 2018.

* Monday 10th December from 1pm – RSPG Stakeholder Briefing – this is the latest in the RSPG’s stakeholder briefing sessions where we update stakeholders on the progress of our work.

* Tuesday 11th December, 9.30am – 1.00pm – RSPG Stakeholder Award Workshop – an opportunity for Stakeholders to share their experience of spectrum awards, from the ‘other side of the fence’, with us and to share their thoughts and views of 15+ years of auctions.

Stakeholders are invited to register their interest in attending by sending an email to and , letting us know whether you will attend one or both of these events, You will then be contacted in due course with further information regarding the proposed agenda.