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35th RSPG Meeting – 12 November 2014

Meeting documents

RSPG14-575(rev2) – Agenda of the RSPG 35th Meeting

RSPG14-576(rev3) – List of Documents 35th RSPG Meeting

RSPG14-577 – 5th Progress Report on WRC-15

RSPG14-578(rev1) – Draft RSPG Opinion on WRC-15

RSPG14-579 – 2nd Progress Report on Efficient Awards and use of Spectrum bands harmonised for ECS

RSPG14-580 – Report on the outcome of the ad-hoc meeting on Wireless Backhaul

RSPG14-581 – RSPG work item on Wireless Backhaul

RSPG14-582(rev1) – RSPG Work Programme – Updated RSPG work item on the RSPP review

RSPG14-583 – 7th Progress Report on bilateral coordination

RSPG14-584 – 2nd Progress Report on the long-term strategy on the future of the UHF band

RSPG14-585(rev1) – Draft RSPG Opinion on the Future Use of the UHF Band

RSPG14-586(rev1) – Commission activities related to radio spectrum policy since last meeting – Information note from the RSPG secretariat

RSPG14-587 – RSPG Response to the Commission Report on the Radio Spectrum Inventory

RSPG14-588 – Chairman’s report RSPG #35

Public consultations launched

Public consultations on the Draft RSPG Opinion on WRC-15 and on the Draft RSPG Opinion on the future use of the UHF band were launched.

Please note that, concerning the draft RSPG Opinion on UHF, RSPG intends, in particular, to select at its next meeting a deadline for making the band 694 – 790 MHz available for effective use for electronic communications services. Two dates are under consideration i.e. 2020 and 2022.

Please go the Consultations section of our website if you wish to contribute.