Monthly Archives: October 2015

New RSPG Chair and Vice Chair elected

The RSPG is pleased to announce that, at its last meeting on 15th October 2015, Mr Philip Marnick from the UK was elected as the future Chair of the RSPG. Mr Jonas Wessel from Sweden was elected as Deputy Chair. They will both begin their respective terms of office on 1 January 2016.

38th RSPG Meeting – 15 October 2015

Meeting documents

RSPG15-617 rev – Agenda of the RSPG 38th meeting

RSPG15-618 – 5th Progress Report on Efficient Awards and Use of Spectrum

RSPG15-619 –  Draft report on Efficient Awards and Use of Spectrum (open for public consultation)

RSPG15-620 – 3rd Progress Report on the Review of the RSPP

RSPG15-621 rev1 – Draft Opinion on the Review of RSPP (open for public consultation)

RSPG15-622 – Progress Report on the RSPG Work Programme

RSPG15-623 – Update of the RSPG Work Programme (open for public consultation)

RSPG15-624 – 10th Progress Report on cross-border coordination

RSPG15-625  – Commission activities related to radio spectrum policy

RSPG15-626 – List of documents RSPG 38th meeting

RSPG15-627 –  DSM– Telecoms Regulatory Framework issues

RSPG15-628 – RSPG “the last 3 years”

RSPG15-629 – RSPG#38 Chairman’s report