Monthly Archives: October 2018

47th RSPG Plenary Meeting – 03 October 2018

RSPG18-031 : RSPG #47 Agenda

RSPG18-032 : Commission activities related to spectrum policy

RSPG18-033 : Progress report of the  WG on EECC

RSPG18-034 : Progress Report of  WG on European Spectrum Strategy

RSPG18-035 : Progress report of WG on 5G

RSPG18-036 : Draft RSPG Opinion on 5G

RSPG18-037 : Progress report of the WG on WRC19 (+ Annex)

RSPG18-038 : RSPG Opinion on WRC19

RSPG18-040 : Progress Report of the WG on on cross-border coordination

RSPG18-041 : Results of the 6th RSPG Questionnaire – Good offices – 700 MHz band

RSPG18-042 : RSPG Report on the results of the offices for the 700MHz band

RSPG18-043 : Progress Report of the WG on Peer Review and MS cooperation

RSPG18-044 : List of documents for publication RSPG#47

RSPG18-045 : Chair’s report RSPG#47