State of play – Awards – 24.25 – 27.5 GHz

Updated 18/06/2021

Country Public consultationPeer reviewAward
Austria August 2019 May 2019 Expected by Q3 2022
Belgium June 2019   No award planned
Bulgaria January – February 2021   In 2022, a new public
consultation is planned.
Croatia April 202110 May 2021*12 August 2021
Cyprus September 2019   Not expected to take place in 2020 (subject to clear market demand)
Czechia December 2019
August 2020
  No award planned
26.5-27.5 GHz open for non-commercial experiments in October 2020.
Denmark August 2018 and
December 2020
April 2021
Estonia November 2019 Expected by the end of 2022
(depends on the adoption
of 5G network equipment security measures)
Finland February 2020   June 2020
France June 2018   On-going process to encourage trials in various sectors
Germany October 2018
February 2020
August 2020
n.a. (Individual frequency assignments: on application for 15 years with the possibility of extension
since end of 2020)
Greece (Individual
frequency rights of
use assigned for the
three 5G bands for
15 years with the possibility of 5 years extension, starting on
the 16th December 2020)
August – September 2020 May 2021Completed
December 2020
Hungary July 2017 and December 2019  
Ireland Study determined there
is no current demand – ComReg doc: 21/07
Italy March 2018 December 2018 October 2018
Latvia It is expected to conclude public consultation in the first half of 2021.
(Due to diverging views on licence conditions, several consultation rounds with market players were carried out during 2020.)
  Before 2024 (depending on results of public consultation)
Lithuania April 2020   1.2 GHz is available. Waiting
for requirements from MNO.
Luxembourg October 2020   Public consultation in Q4-2020
showed no immediate demand
from stakeholders;
award postponed until
demand apparent; possibility to request temporarily licences.
Malta 5 February 202123 March 2021*Subject to market demand
Netherlands Public consultation of
award policy expected
Q1/Q2 2022.
  TBD, depending on outcome
public consultation.
Poland August 2018
Expected Q1 2021
  Expected before 2022 (subject of market demand)
Portugal April 2018
A second consultation will be launched very soon.
  TBD according to market demand.
Romania Strategy for multiband auction in first half of 2019, where this band was postponed; questionnaire on market demand in 2020   Probably before the end of 2022 (subject to clear market demand)
Slovakia Public discussion was held in November 2020.   Public discussion result – no interest in the market at a present time. Not expected to take place before 2023 (subject of negotiation with military).
Slovenia Q3 2020October 2020 June 2021
Spain 2017, 2019 and 2021   2022
Sweden December 2019     Possibly local licences in 24,25 – 25,1 GHz 2021.
No award for the remaining parts before 2023.
NorwayAugust 2019
Possible new consultation
in 2022.
Test licences awarded in 2019.
No clear market demand, award is not expected to take place in 2021.
IcelandNo clear market demand.
Not expected to be awarded in the upcoming award process in 2021/2022

*Peer Review Forum held in line with the provisions of Article 35 of the European Electronic Communications Code.