State of play – Awards – 24.25 – 27.5 GHz

CountryPublic consultationPeer reviewAward
Austria August 2019 May 2019 Not before 2020
Belgium June 2019   No award planned
Bulgaria Expected Q4 2020  
Croatia Yet to be decided  
Cyprus September 2019   Not expected to take place in 2020
Denmark August 2018 Expected Q3 2020
Estonia Expected November 2019 Expected end of 2020
Finland Expected first half of 2020   Expected first half of 2020
France Jun 2018   On-going process to encourage trials in various sectors
Germany Expected 2020

Greece October 2018 Expected
Q4 2019
Hungary July 2017  
Ireland Study Q2/2020
Italy March 2018 December 2018 October 2018
Latvia Expected Spring/ Summer 2021*
at present 3 operators have been granted technology neutral rights of use of total 336 MHz bandwidth and there are not any applications from operators to use wider bandwidth at present.
  Autumn/ Winter 2021, if the result of consultation will not be different.
Lithuania Expected by 31 March 2020   Expected October 2020
Luxembourg Expected first half of 2020   Expected second half of 2020
Malta Q1 2020   Expected before 2021
Poland August 2018 Expected Q1 2021   Expected before 2022 (subject of market demand)
Portugal April 2018  
Romania December 2018 August 2019   Expected December 2019
Slovakia Not expected to take place in 2020   Not expected to take place in 2020 (subject of negotiation with military).
Slovenia Expected December 2019 Q1/2020 Expected June/October 2020
Spain 2017 and 2019    
Sweden December 2019     Expected 2020
United Kingdom July 2017 24.25-26.5 GHz: July 2019 NB Peer Review not
applicable as spectrum being made available through non-competitive process
24.25-26.5 GHz: Made local
licences available on demand subject to co-ordination
NorwayAugust 2019Test licences awarded in 2019.
No clear market demand, award is not expected to take place in 2020.