51st RSPG Plenary Meeting – 05 February 2020

RSPG20-001 : RSPG #51 Agenda

RSPG20-002 : Comission activities related to spectrum policy

RSPG20-003: Request for an RSPG Opinion on a Radio Spectrum Policy Programme

RSPG20-004 : Implications of the new Rule of Procedure for RSPG Sub-groups

RSPG20-005 : RSPG Work programme 2020 and beyond

RSPG20-006 : State of play regarding award of 5G pioneer bands

RSPG20-007 : Progress report of the sub-group on cross-border coordination

RSPG20-009 – Update of the maps – 700 MHz situation

RSPG20-008: List of documents for publication RSPG#51

RSPG20-010 : Chair’s report RSPG #51