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RSPG Public Workshops – December 2018

– Monday 10th December 2018 – RSPG Stakeholder Briefing – this is the latest in the RSPG’s stakeholder briefing sessions where the stakeholders are updated on the progress of the RSPG work – download slides.

– Tuesday 11th December 2018 – RSPG Stakeholder Award Workshop – an opportunity for stakeholders to share their experience of spectrum awards, from the ‘other side of the fence’, with RSPG and to share their thoughts and views of 15+ years of auctions.

Fifth RSPG Stakeholder Workshop

15th May 2018, 10am – 3pm
Venue: Stockholm

The Radio Spectrum Policy Group, RSPG, brings together all Europe’s national spectrum managers. RSPG has been Europe’s expert on spectrum policy for fifteen years and is key to setting European Spectrum Policy.

On Tuesday May 15th, the RSPG invited stakeholders to a workshop in Stockholm on the group’s current work programme; covering areas such as the European Spectrum Strategy, 5G Implementation Challenges, WRC-19 and more. The aim of holding workshops throughout Europe is to increase the visibility of RSPG’s work and to get stakeholder input into our work.

For more details you can consult the draft agenda of the workshop.

Slides from the workshop are now available!