Current topics

On 30th January 2018 the RSPG adopted a new work programme for 2018 and beyond.

Some of the work areas during 2016-17 are still on-going, and so this new Work Programme defines new terms of reference for their next stage. Other new, strategic work areas are also set out.

The new Work Programme seeks to guide the work of the RSPG against a background of some uncertainty, in the light of the ongoing negotiations for a new legislative framework. As a result, some deliverables are difficult to define at the time of writing. The RSPG therefore anticipates the need for a revision of this Work Programme during the period 2018-19, following the outcome of the legislative negotiations.

In conclusion, the RSPG has identified the following work items to be developed during the next years:

  • European Electronic Communications Code (EECC)
  • European Spectrum Strategy
  • 5G Implementation Challenges
  • RSPG Opinion on WRC-19
  • Peer review and Member State cooperation on authorisations and awards
  • “Good offices” to assist in bilateral negotiations between EU countries