Opinions & main deliverables

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RSPG Opinions (adopted)

RSPG Opinion on a Radio Spectrum Policy Programme (RSPP)|Final| 16 June 2021
Document RSPG21-033

RSPG Interim Opinion on WRC-23|Final|16 June 2021
Document RSPG21-031

RSPG Opinion on the application of EECC Article 28(3) in relation to cross-border interference problems between Italy and Croatia in the UHF band | Final | 16 June
Document RSPG21-029

RSPG Opinion on Additional spectrum needs and guidance on the fast rollout of future wireless broadband networks|Final| 16 June 2021
Document RSPG21-024

RSPG Opinion on Spectrum Sharing – Pioneer initiatives and bands|Final|16 June 2021
Document RSPG21-022

RSPG Opinion on EU coordination at ITU-R Radiocommunication Conferences|Final|30 January 2019
Document RSPG19-009

RSPG Opinion on 5G implementation challenges (RSPG 3rd opinion on 5G)|Final|30 January 2019
Document RSPG19-007

RSPG Opinion on the ITU-R World Radiocommunication Conference 2019|Final| 03 October 2018
Document RSPG18-038

RSPG Second Opinion on 5G networks ( Strategic Spectrum Road Map Towards 5G for Europe) |Final|30 January 2018
Document RSPG 18-005

RSPG Opinion on a long-term strategy on future spectrum needs and use of wireless audio and video PMSE applications |Final| 21 November 2017
Document RSPG17-037 Final Rev1

RSPG Opinion on Spectrum issues in the proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the European Electronic Communications Framework |Final|07 February 2017
Document RSPG17-017 Final

RSPG Interim Opinion on Common Policy Objectives for WRC-19 |Final|07 February 2017
Document RSPG17-010 Final

RPSG Opinion on Spectrum Aspects of Intelligent Transport Systems |Final|07 February 2017
Document RSPG17-008 Final

RSPG Opinion on the Spectrum Aspects of the Internet-of-things (IoT) including M2M |Final|07 February 2017
Document RSPG17-006 Final

RSPG Opinion on spectrum related aspects for next-generation wireless systems (5G) |Final|09 November 2016
Document RSPG16-032 FINAL

RSPG Opinion on the implementation of the current RSPP and its revision to address the next period |Final|24 February 2016
Document RSPG16-006 FINAL

RSPG Opinion on DSM and Framework Review |Final |29 January 2016
Document RSPG16-001 FINAL

RSPG Opinion on a long-term strategy on the future use of the UHF band | Final | 19 February 2015
Document RSPG15-595 FINAL

RSPG Opinion on Common Policy Objectives for WRC-15 | Final | 19 February 2015
Document RSPG15-593 FINAL

RSPG Opinion in Licensed Shared Access | Final | 12 November 2013
Document RSPG13-538

Opinion on Strategic Challenges facing Europe in addressing the Growing Spectrum Demand for Wireless Broadband | Final | 13 June 2013
Document RSPG13-521 rev1

Interim Opinion on Common Policy Objectives for WRC-15 | Final| 13 June 2013
Document RSPG13-525

Opinion on Review of Spectrum Use | Final | 29 February 2012
Document RSPG12-408

Opinion on the process for EU assistance in bilateral
negotiations with third countries
| Final | 29 February 2012
Document RSPG12-409

Opinion on Cognitive Technologies | Final | February 2011
Document RSPG10-348

Opinion on Common Policy Objectives for WRC-12 | Final |February 2011
Document RSPG10-350

Opinion on the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme| Final | June 2010
Document RSPG10-330

Opinion on the Main themes of WRC-12 of interest for EU-Wide
support | Final | 5 November 2009
Document RSPG09-295

Opinion on the Preparation of ITU World Radiocommunication
Conferences | Final | 5 November 2009
Document RSPG09-294

Opinion on the Digital Dividend | Final | 18 September 2009
Document RSPG09-291

Opinion on Best practices regarding the use of spectrum by
public sectors
| Final | 11 February 2009
Document RSPG09-258

Opinion on Streamlining the Regulatory Environment | Final | 19 November 2008
Document RSPG08-246

Opinion on Collective Use of Spectrum | Final | 19 November 2008
Document RSPG08-244

Opinion Outer EU Borders
| Final | 19 June 2008
Document RSPG08-232

Revised Opinion on WRC-07 | Final, revised | 14 February 2007
Document RSPG07-162

Opinion on EU Spectrum Policy Implications of the Digital Dividend
| Final | 14 February 2007
Document RSPG07-161

Opinion Scientific use of Spectrum
| Report and final |14 February 2007
Document RSPG06-144

Opinion on Multimedia Services
| Final | 25 November 2006
Document RSPG06-143

Opinion on WRC-07 | Final | 23 November 2005
Document RSPG05-103

Opinion on WAPECS | Final | 23 November 2005
Document RSPG05-102

Opinion on Digital Switchover | Final | 19 November 2004
Document RSPG04-55

Opinion on Secondary Trading
| Final | 19 November 2004
Document RSPG04-54

RSPG Reports

RSPG Report on the role of radio spectrum policy to help combat climate change |Final| 16 June 2021
Document RSPG21-026

RSPG Report on Spectrum Sharing – A forward-looking survey|Final| 10 February 2021
Document RSPG21-016

RSPG Report on the result of the ITU-R World Radiocommunication Conference 2019|Final|09 June 2020
Document RSPG20-022

RSPG Report on European Spectrum Strategy|Final|09 October 2019
Document RSPG19-031

RSPG Report on “impact of the EECC on the work of RSPG”|Final | 30 January 2019
Document RSPG19-004

RSPG Report on the results of the RSPG “Good offices” for 700 MHz spectrum clearance and migration of broadcasting service below 694 MHz | Final|03 October 2018
Document RSPG18-042

Joint BEREC and RSPG joint report on Facilitating mobile connectivity in “challenge areas”|Final|09 January 2018
Document RSPG18-001

RSPG Report on the results of the RSPG “Good offices” in bilateral negotiations between EU countries|Final|09 November 2016
Document RSPG16-046 FINAL 

RSPG Report on the result of the ITU-R World Radiocommunication Conference 2015|Final| 08 June 2016
Document RSPG16-017 FINAL

RSPG Report on the results of the public consultation on the Review of the EU  Telecommunications Framework|Final| 08 June 2016
Document RSPG16-022 FINAL

RSPG Report on Efficient Awards and Efficient Use of Spectrum |Final| 24 February 2016
Document RSPG16-004 FINAL

RSPG Report on Spectrum issues on Wireless Backhaul | Final | 11 June 2015
Document RSPG15-607

RSPG Report on Strategic Sectoral Spectrum Needs | Final | 12 November 2013
Document RSPG13-540 (rev2)

Report on Spectrum for Wireless Broadband and
Broadcasting in the Frequency Range 400 MHz to 6 GHz
| Final | June 2013
Document RSPG13-522

Report on proposed spectrum coordination approach for broadcasting in the case of a reallocation of the 700 MHz band | Final| June 2013
Document RSPG13-524

Report on Furthering Interference Management through exchange of regulatory best practices concerning regulation and/or standardisation | Final | June 2013
Document RSPG13-527 rev1

Joint RSPG BEREC Report on Economic and Social value of spectrum | Final | February 2012
Document RSPG12-410 rev2

Report on improving broadband coverage | Final |November 2011
Document RSPG11-393

Report on collective use of spectrum and other sharing
| Final | November 2011
Document RSPG11-392

Joint RSPG BEREC Report on Infrastructure and Spectrum
Sharing in Mobile Wireless Network
| Final | June 2011
Document RSPG11-374

Joint RSPG BEREC Report on Competition: Transitional
Issues in the Mobile Sector in Europe
| Final | February 2011
Document RSPG10-351

The future of radio broadcasting in Europe – Identified
needs, opportunities and possible ways forward
| 10 February 2011
Document RSPG10-349
Annex (replies to the questionnaire)

Report on Frequency Coordination and Other Issues
Concerning the Digital Dividend
| 17 November 2010
Document RSPG10-347

Joint RSPG-BEREC activity on competition issues – Third
report on the impact of technological and market evolution on market
definitions: the case of spectrum
| Final | June 2010
Document RSPG10-335

Report on improving spectrum efficiency and utilisation in
frequency bands relative to the Digital Dividend
| Final | June 2010
Document RSPG10-331

Report on cognitive technologies
| 11 February 2010
Document RSPG10-306

Report on Assignment and pricing methods | 14 December 2009
Document RSPG09-298

First Report on the Joint RSPG/ERG activity on “New competition challenges resulting from a more flexible management of spectrum” | 4 June 2009
Document RSPG09-277

Second Report on the Joint RSPG/ERG activity on “New competition challenges resulting
Document RSPG09-278 rev.2

Other RSPG documents

First Input of the Radio Spectrum Policy Group to the “Connectivity Special Group”|04 December 2020
Document RSPG20-039

BEREC and RSPG Joint Position Paper on spectrum related EMF issues | 09 October 2020

RSPG Response to the Commission Report on Inventory |12 November 2014
Document RSPG14-587

Position Paper on the Digital Dividend | 13 May 2009
Document RSPG09-271

Position Paper on Wireless Broadband | 13 May 2009
Document RSPG09-284